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Telecom Billing Solution

Typical Telecom Billing Solution versus SuiteSolution

SuiteSolution Software Comparison Diagram

SuiteSolution telecom billing and customer management software allows you to reduce time from order to cash while ensuring accurate order entry. This allows you to provide consistent, cost-effective, high-quality service to every customer.

  • Web-based user interface

  • Oracle database

  • Three-tier client server architecture

  • Windows-based operating system

SuiteSolution in pre-integrated with world-class payment interface, provisioning and workforce scheduling. In addition, APIs are available along with the ability to provide a quote and contract to your SMB customers. Featuring a web-based user interface, Oracle database, three-tier Client/Server architecture, and accessed via Windows operating system. 

Work with a trusted, experienced telecom partner to take you confidently into the future. Providing workflow consultancy and billing and customer care solutions for competitive service providers since 1964.

Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) or in-house deployment.

Telecom Billing

We are committed to the quality of the products developed and distributed across North America. Our market focus is on companies with these attributes:

  • Provide a diverse mix of wholesale, business and residential services 

  • Manage both rural and urban service areas 

  • Seek operational efficiencies 

  • Large enough to realize a meaningful return on system investments

Market Focus

If you are looking for versatile telecom billing software, you have come to the right place. Built on a web-based front end, SuiteSolution® allows immediate access to your customer’s data.  


Market Focus

SuiteSolution Modules

SuiteSolution’s core technology is modular in design, allowing you to select just the combination that is right for your business needs. 

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System Diagrams

System Flow Diagrams

We work with a progressive customer base that is challenged to stay on top of new technology to remain competitive in their respective markets. These system flow diagrams are the result of consulting, software development and world-class tools that allow our customers to create operational efficiencies, fully monetize services, and to enhance the subscriber experience.

We follow a specific development initiative throughout the life cycle of each project to refresh the software and include enhancements demanded by the constantly changing communications industry. 


Built on a web-based front end, SuiteSolution allows easy, immediate access to your customer's data. Available hosted or in-house.

Two Businessmen

Deployment Options

Choose an installation method that suits your need for control, ease of maintenance, and flexibility. Both options have unique benefits.

Workflow Consulting

We provide consulting and world-class tools to create operational efficiencies, fully monetize services, and to enhance the subscriber experience.

Workflow Consulting

Pre-Integrated Products

We chose to integrate our core offering with world-class Operational Support Systems to create a premier telecom billing application to manage your business.

Pre-Integrated Products

White Paper Library

We are deeply committed to the needs of our prospective customers. Knowing a bit about your telecom company allows us to match our response with your interests.

Challenges facing a Telecom and Building a Solution from the Ground Up

Key Benefits of a Central Work Flow Engine

About SuiteSolution

White Paper Library

Northflow Solutions chose to pre-integrate our core offering with software and services from world-class vendors to create a premier application to manage your business requirements.

3rd Party Providers

3rd Party Providers
Business Team


I would like to think that B/OSS requirements that KMTS and DMTS identify as a benefit to our company would be equally beneficial to other Northflow Solutions customers.

As they enhance the SuiteSolution platform with customer driven applications for better process control and reporting for example, those enhancements become available to all partners to access and benefit from.

Stace G., General Manager, & Director,

Bell Aliant Relationship Group 

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SuiteSolution Video Testimonial
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