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SuiteSolution provides standard, ad-hoc and customized reporting options to fully meet your requirements.

  • Print or export in .PDF, .TXT, or .CSV format to Microsoft Excel, Access or to the General Ledger system

  • Retrieve, revise, rename, reuse as a template, and repurpose query criteria without programming assistance

  • Convenient, secure access

  • Customization available via SQL Reports to access your customer data for analysis


Embedded Reports | These are a few of the reports integrated in the software screens and run by users based on assigned security access:

  • Accounts Receivable

  • CDR Trial Balance

  • Credit Ratings

  • Cycle Close

  • Daily Usage Summary – wireline, wireless, data, content

  • General Ledger

  • Market Summary

  • Message Processing

  • Trial Balance

  • Write-Off Accounts


Standard Reports | The Crystal Enterprise ePortfolio web-based GUI allows you to automate scheduling and email distribution of pre-defined reports in these categories:

  • Accounts Receivable Reports

  • Audit

  • Billing Reports

  • Churn

  • Customer Reports

  • Deposit Reports

  • Directory Reports

  • Failed Task Reports

  • Installs

  • Miscellaneous Reports

  • Plant Records Reports

  • Service Order Reports

  • Status

  • Trouble Reports

  • Usage Reports

  • Wireless Reports

  • Workflow Reports


Query Tool Schema Reports | This proprietary ad-hoc tool facilitates writing reports  on the fly for analysis, print, or extraction to Access or Excel:

  • Contracts

  • Billed Charges

  • Billing Point

  • Delinquent Accounts

  • Deposit Details

  • Interest

  • Features by Plan

  • Payments

  • Payment Arrangements

  • Plant

  • Refunds

  • Service Accounts

  • Subscribed Charges

  • Trouble Tickets

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