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Credit Check & Fraud Managment

Before you offer services to individuals, small businesses or large corporations reduce the risk of bad debt and prevent fraud with upfront measures:    

Real-Time Credit Check



Fraud Detection Controls


  • Warning message displays if a delinquent customer attempts to establish a new account under a pseudonym:  matches name, address, social security or driver’s ID in the Delinquent Account Database

  • Customized High Toll and Usage Reports provide alerts and warnings when usage duration or tariffs exceed your defined thresholds

  • Protect customers during the registration process from fraudulent use of their cellular service – ESN, MEID, IMEI history records are stored and validated for each call


Credit Ratings


  • Validations used to identify customers who may or may not qualify for disconnect notices based on their balance due at the time of processing

  • Ratings are updated based on aging balances, returned checks, and disconnect notices

  • Set Cutoff Balance Amounts to fit your risk requirements by monthly revenue, status and account type


Payment Ratings


  • An internal payment rating system denotes past customer credit performance to show customers who pay on time, submit NSF checks, receive past due notices

  • NSF icons automatically display on the toolbar in CRM for individual accounts with returned payment transactions

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