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Directory provides accurate collection, retrieval, and distribution of your directory information. You can be confident that your publisher receives complete and correct information when it’s time to publish your directory.


Directory information can be exported:

  • Nightly to the 411 National Directory Assistance information database

  • Annually to third-party vendors for phone book publication

  • Upon demand for reporting and analysis


Directory makes gathering subscriber information:


Simplified | No re-keying of basic customer information, which flows-through directly from CRM.


Organized | On screen galley preview allows you to immediately see how the entry will appear in the galley proof.


Accurate | Because it is directly tied to the Service level in CRM, any changes made to the status of the customer’s account are immediately reflected in the Directory record.


Flexible | Accepts your feed format, including CATS and NDA

The result is savings of staff time and confidence that the information is correct.

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