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Work Flow Manager

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Configurable workflow logic is defined by your business processes and best practices. WFM acts as a traffic manager, providing a link between SuiteSolution and external systems.​

  • Prevent revenue leakage – pre-defined workflow logic based on order type and market assures that all services provisioned are properly billed.

  • No re-keying – the data stream that triggers service orders is auto entered from CRM as a new customer is registered or changes service plans.

  • Reduce truck rolls – automated provisioning process reduces operational expense when the task doesn’t require manual intervention.

  • Improve customer satisfaction – all customers are served with equal attention to detail – no steps missed as workflow is pre-defined to minimize customer churn.

  • Real-time interface to:

    • Workforce appointment scheduling software

    • Provisioning and service activation platforms with window to existing facilities already in place

    • Credit score option for service assurance

    • Billing system for service event details, product catalog and pricing

  • Welcome Screen – stores assigned service order tasks, recent and saved searches, notes and reminders.

  • Downstream notifications – define triggers for email alerts to techs, supervisors, or work groups as part of the workflow definition.

  • Dispatcher or Supervisor privileges – security controls privileges to assign, reassign, or mass assign tasks, track progress of order, view work load by individual or work group, approve or manually complete tasks, track cost and progress of order, escalate issues or tasks, and conduct report analysis.

  • Robust extras – track Time & Materials, attach Forms to service orders, multiple Search/Filter options, Export and Print.

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