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We help businesses navigate the wilderness of customer service tech.

Northflow Solutions Story

Northflow's story begins with the fox.

The fox is a cunning creature, known for its agility, resiliance and cleverness. A company needs those same attributes in order to succeed in the competitive world of business. At Northflow Solutions, we provide the necessary tools for you to become more agile, more resiliant, and more clever. You might even say that we'll help you out-fox your competitors.


We're based out of Mankato, Minn., where the 332-mile long Minnesota River reverses sharply and begins to flow north, eventually converging with the mighty Mississippi River. We chart a course just as unusual, crafting innovative tools that allow companies to streamline their business processes. We've called southern Minnesota home since our company's founding in 1964, but our client base today extends to companies located across North America.

Northflow Solutions River

Our software improves the flow of business operations.

We provide consulting and world-class tools to create operational efficiencies, fully monetize services and enhance customer experiences. Our workflow, billing and customer management software — SuiteSolution® — is an integrated suite of applications used by numerous multi-faceted service providers. 


We have a long history of delivering quality software and superior customer service, and our employees possess an unrivaled combination of industry knowledge and technical expertise. We provide software and services to triple- and quad-play ILECs/CLECs/Cooperatives, Regional Broadband Service Providers and Wireless Service Providers. We have been independently owned and operated as Northflow Solutions, Inc. since 2015.


For more information about our company or SuiteSolution®, contact us via email at

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