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Renovo Data Synchronization Software

Revolutionizing Data Movement

Typical Data Synchronization versus Renovo Data Synchronization

In most cases, data virtualization tools require a significant investment in hardware (money), software (money), time (money), and technical resources (money). In some cases, the end result even produces a new full-time resource for managing the enterprise virtualization system. Regardless of the tool, the desired result for everyone is the same: an efficient way to replicate data for various needs at a low cost (time, money, and labor).


Renovo is a tool that leverages existing processes to provide a rapidly deployed solution with a significantly lower cost of ownership. With its automation and self-service portal, it drastically improves a typical data synchronization processes while subtracting the need for technical FTE involvement. This leads to an ROI that is exponentially more palatable for our SMB to enterprise level customers. The balance of performance and cost is the driving factor when purchasing any software. While Renovo may not provide the fastest data synchronization compared to full virtualization, it provides a vastly lower cost of ownership, faster realization of savings, and therefore higher ROI for our customers.

Manage Data Synchronization

Are you short on time? Are you looking for ways to improve efficiencies within your organization?  At Northflow Solutions, our Database Administrators were receiving countless requests from our QA and testing staff to synchronize data on testing, development, and reporting regions.  Fulfilling these requests took time away from our DBAs to complete other initiatives.  Additionally, refreshes were often requested to be run after hours, requiring staff to put in extra time.


To address the inefficiencies and to utilize resources better, Northflow Solutions developed Renovo.  Renovo puts the ability to synchronize data in the hands of those requesting it: the QA and testing staff. This allows each resource to focus on their number one priority by removing a bottleneck from the process.  Our testers can now setup and run a refresh when needed; and our DBAs have time to focus on other organizational initiatives.  

We know there are other companies struggling with how to manage data synchronization. We know Renovo can help. Let us share Renovo with you.

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Our need to refresh test environments with production data had grown significantly this year. The DBA staff was spending 40% of their time moving data. 

Renovo has removed

the DBA from the data

refresh process. The

employees who used

to request the data

refreshes are managing

this through an easy to

use GUI.

Renovo Testimonia

My group often worked nights and weekends refreshing data on environments that couldn't be down during the day. 

I purchased Renovo

so we can schedule

the refresh and

forget about it.


Renovo Testimonial

We were able to increase the number of testing environments by 25% now that maintaining them took

so little time from our

IT staff. We can now do

more work with less

time, without disrupting

our tech group.


Renovo Testimonial


Manage Data

Manage data synchronization between production, test, development and

reporting environments.

Automatically run custom scripts before and/or after the data migration to remove manual processes after a system refresh.

Schedule a data synchronization for any designated time in the future.

Control access with built-in user security, permissions and environment ownership.

View the history, current state, and content of each environment.




manage data synchronization


recover up to 50% of your operational IT resources.


Data Sync Status

  • Schedule a data sync to start at any designated time in the future

  • Displays all actively running data synchronization processes

  • Displays data sync history



  • Lists the available data destinations

  • View details related to the last time the destination was synchronized.

  • Set up automated scripts to run after the data sync process


Source Files

  • Lists available data sources along with estimated data sync completion time.

  • Set up automated scripts to run before and after data sync


User Security

  • Maintains user login information and privileges



  • Create custom security roles limiting access to any part of the application

  • Assign security roles to employees



  • Detailed Help files

  • Dedicated team for support



Relieve the DBAs and other technical staff of the routine tasks associated with data synchronization between environments.

Easy to use browser interface designed for users with no technical experience. 

Consistent and repeatable results with a fully automated solution. Include your own custom pre and post data synchronization scripts to remove manual tasks. 

Requires no direct server or database access for the end user.

Prevent environment conflicts - including the proverbial “Oops, you were using that?” - by assigning individual or group ownership to each environment.

View the current state and history of each environment to quickly identify the status of environments.

Automated notification when a data synchronization starts and completes.

Refresh environments at a more granular level. No need to image a server or restore a full instance.

Renovo runs on an IIS enabled Windows 2012 or newer server requiring limited access to the source files and target database locations.



Renovo software has an intuitive browser based self-care GUI. Manage data synchronization from your desk or remotely.

Renovo Refresh Status Data Synchronization

Our data synchronization software uses the Refresh Status screen to keep all teams informed on the status of each environment.  

Renovo Schedule Data Synchronization

Renovo software allows anyone to manage data synchronization. Restore an envrionment with a few simple clicks.


Roles & Responsibilities





Responsibilities supported by Renovo

  • Development and maintenance of operational systems

  • Protection of sensitive data

  • Definition and enforcement of security policies



  • Audit compliance



  • Increase operational efficiencies

  • Process definition and enforcement

Challenges/Pain Points that can be resolved by using Renovo

  • Projects are delayed due to the unavailability of test environments

  • DBAs are spending too much time performing low-level tasks

  • Sensitive data is exposed in non-production environments

  • Policies and standards are disregarded

  • Test environments are over-written while still being used

  • Establishing multi-system test environments is difficult and time-consuming


  • Control audits are expensive and time consuming

  • System-access audit trails are difficult to create and maintain

  • Operations are degraded by delayed implementation of enhancements and upgrades

  • Best practice procedures are disregarded


Case Study Summary

We analyzed data from multiple case studies to determine time and cost savings Renovo provides. Below are the average savings using our data synchronization software.

16 hours

8 hours

24 hours



Average productivity gain per refresh


Average time saved per refresh


Total time saved per refresh


Average hourly salary


Average cost savings per refresh



productivity by

Case Study

Have Renovo questions? Send us an email at or call 507.388.0249

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