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Did you know that by saving 15 minutes per day, every year you can save about 91 hours, or 3 days, or 11 eight-hour working days.

Employment sites suggest that the average Telecommunications Customer Service Representative averages about $35,000+. Including benefits, taxes, and other employment overhead that figure is closer to $50,000 in cost to the business.

When you break down that figure it comes out to $24/hr. So, by stream lining your work flow efforts on the front end of your BSS/OSS that is $2,112 a year in savings. Now take that number and calculate how many CSR’s you have to see your real savings.

Those 15 minutes aren't looking so trivial anymore are they.

Customers are focused on r...

It may sound a bit trivial when you first think of it: How much is 15 minutes of an employee's day worth?

However, if you stop and analyze the compounded benefits it becomes a little more intriguing. Let's consider the following examples:

Employment sites suggest that the average IT professional averages about $80,000+. Including benefits, taxes, and other employment overhead that figure is closer to $100,000 in cost to the business.

The typical full-time employee works 122,400 minutes a year. This means that a daily 15-minute task is worth $3,186 annually. Automating just two of these tasks for 5 employees for example turns into a savings of $31,860. Take it another step farther - let's put i...

Part #3

"Is Renovo the answer?"

What Solution is Right for Your Business

The balance of functionality, performance, and cost is the driving factor when purchasing any software. Data virtualization tools provide high performance results and come with an equally high price tag and resource investment. They are great tools for enterprise level installations where high performance is required and cost is not a driving factor.

How Renovo is Different

Renovo is a tool that leverages existing "unvirtualized" processes to provide a rapidly deployed solution with a significantly lower cost of ownership. With its automation and self-service portal, it dramatically improves a typical data replication proces...

Part #2

"What options are available?"

Data Virtualization & Cloud Options

The world of data management for developers, QA, testing, reporting, and other non-production environments is crowded and complicated. The answer is not always going to be one tool or another. There's a chance multiple tools are necessary. Every situation will have a solution (or solutions) appropriate for its circumstance with varying costs and benefits.There are enterprise level products that are great for replicating large amounts of data almost instantly. The efficiency at which they can replicate large data sets is impressive. Similarly, cloud services can virtualize servers and database images in a snap.

Data Virtual...

Part #1 "What problem do these tools solve?" The problem is the same for everyone: How to move data from database A to database B. Software developers, QA teams, or report writers all need non-production copies of data. Low-Code/No-Code or DevOps initiatives raise the same problem.

Customers these days are focused on results, so to compete you need to be extremely adaptable, smart, and able to make do with less.

The key challenge in serving any commercial account is that each customer expects to get a customized offering. Northflow’s system can manage all the product components of an order by utilizing a centralized workflow engine to help telecom companies grow their revenues and improve the sales-to-cash process.

Workflow is also key to create guided selling for each service, thereby ensuring the accuracy of orders and dramatically shortening sales-to-bill cycles.  Good sales people constantly push the limits of what can be delivered to customers, and in that way, they...

“How long will it take to test that?” You’ve undoubtedly been asked that dreaded question, which all System Testers are inevitably asked. Sure, there are formulas and techniques you can apply to come up with an estimated target completion date, but there are often unplanned nuances that pop up along the way and need to be mitigated. Nuances like delayed code drops, rebuilding test regions, and replicating data/data synchronization that often lead to you sitting idle, working overtime, and/or missing timelines.

Delayed code drops are difficult to manage and typically not within the control of a System Tester. During this downtime, system testers can often be found updating test plans, working...

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