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Data Synchronization - Part 3 of 3 Blog looking at The Right Tool For The Job

Part #3

"Is Renovo the answer?"

What Solution is Right for Your Business

The balance of functionality, performance, and cost is the driving factor when purchasing any software. Data virtualization tools provide high performance results and come with an equally high price tag and resource investment. They are great tools for enterprise level installations where high performance is required and cost is not a driving factor.

How Renovo is Different

Renovo is a tool that leverages existing "unvirtualized" processes to provide a rapidly deployed solution with a significantly lower cost of ownership. With its automation and self-service portal, it dramatically improves a typical data replication processes while reducing the need for technical FTE involvement. This leads to an ROI that is exponentially more beneficial for SMB to enterprise level customers.

Here's how Renovo can help:

  • Rapid Low-Cost Implementation: Renovo uses standard processes for moving data in Oracle and SQL Server. Its simplicity makes it easy to implement and requires minimal investment in time and money. The result is a fast and measurable ROI.

  • User Friendly Portal: Renovo is built on the idea of self-service and user-friendly. Its web based portal lets users with no technical experience move data to wherever and whenever they need it. This lets your IT staff address the higher value opportunities that their skills (and frankly their salary) are best suited for.

  • Consistent Results: Renovo automates every step of the refresh process. Manual processes are inherently prone to mistakes. Inadvertently missing a step in the process leads to wasted time and inconsistent results. Inconsistent results lead to inconsistent testing, reporting, and development. When these tasks are automated there are no worries about inconsistent results.

  • Secure: Renovo's robust multilevel security keeps users controlled and contained. Databases can be owned by groups or individuals to prevent the ubiquitous "Oops, I didn't know you were using that" problem. Controlling who has access to the various Renovo function ensures no one is doing something they shouldn't. Automated post-refresh scripts ensure any sensitive data is scrubbed or removed.

  • Auditing: Because Renovo automatically tracks every request, auditing is a breeze. All data movement is recorded so when questions arise the answer is instantly available.

Renovo provides a low cost and high ROI alternative. It is the perfect solution where ease of use, low cost of ownership, and quick turn-around is paramount.

Regardless if one tool or several tools are going to be required to satisfy a business need, Renovo should be a tool in any IT department's toolbox.

If you'd like more information, have questions, or would like to begin your free trial, please drop us an email at We'd love to hear from you!

The Northflow Solutions Team

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