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Track employees time & project efficiency

Typical Time Tracking versus Vestigo

Vestigo Time Tracking Comparison Diagram

Cloud Based Timesheet App


Are you unclear how your employees are spending their day? Do you need to record time to specific projects, requests or service calls? Do you have a hard time figuring out who, what and when to bill your time? Northflow Solutions struggled with these areas as well and developed Vestigo, a web based application that allows employees to track their time to projects, track accountability for how time is spent and bill customers in a timely manner. All of these areas can help you save your company money.


Vestigo is an easy to use timesheet and project management app that allows your employees to not only track time to a project, but also select what they were doing for the project. If you don’t need to track time to projects but want to get rid of the old paper punch card system, Vestigo can do that with our simple to use punch in/punch out option.


Not only can Vestigo track time, it can help track your open projects or service calls as well as store customer and billing information all through a single application. Vestigo is perfect for small and medium sized businesses.

Request a free demo and ask about our 30 day free trial!

Tracking time in a spreadsheet is a time consuming chore. Tracking time and managing projects with Vestigo makes

for an invaluable tool.

Vestigo is very intuitive

and with nothing to

download or install,

we were up and

running with just one

phone call.

Vestigo Customer

My technicians required no training to

start tracking time with Vestigo mobile

and I no longer get time reported to me

on Post-it notes!

I look forward to

checking Vestigo

throughout the day

to see the status of

our projects.


Vestigo Time Tracking Testimonial


Cloud Based


Time Sheet

  • Apply worked time to projects and tasks

  • Users customize projects to view

  • Navigate to past and future Time Sheet weeks

  • Automatically track work codes for Workers Comp Insurance

  • Supervisors view and approved employee Time Sheets


Time Clock (Desktop View)

  • Clock-in to accumulate worked time

  • Clock-out to record worked time

  • Apply recorded time to a specific project or task

  • Automatically track work codes for Workers Comp Insurance

  • Change current project or task without Clocking-out

  • Supervisors view and approved employee Time Sheets


Time Clock (Shared Device)

  • Clock-in to accumulate worked time using 4-digit PIN

  • Clock-out to record worked time using 4-digit PIN

  • Apply recorded time to a specific project or task

  • Automatically track work codes for Workers Comp Insurance

  • Change current project or task without Clocking-out


  • Save contact information

  • Manage PTO allocation

  • Assign application security


  • Create custom security roles limiting access to any part of the application

  • Assign security roles to employees


  • Add or update projects

  • Customize GUI to save relevant project data

  • Assign tasks and work codes per project

  • Compare estimated hours to actual hour by Department

  • Track billing and expenses



  • Saves all customer contact information

  • Tracks billing information

  • Integrated with Google Maps 

Customer Portal

  • Allows external customer access to limited project information

  • Provides a way to document communication with customers

  • Customers can initiate new projects

Clock Entries

  • Supervisors can review which employees are currently clocked-in

  • Supervisors can correct clock-in and clock-out records

System Options

  • Allows for customization of many menu selections throughout the application

System Setting

  • Can customize how screens appear and how the system reacts

Mobile Version

  • Includes the Time Clock and Time Sheet features listed above


  • Detailed Help files

  • Dedicated team for support



Employee time tracking software provides for automated time entry for both a salaried type employee/employer as well as hourly employee/employer


Time tracking app provides for hourly ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ entries


Will include the ability to export time clock information to 3rd party applications for importing into payroll processing, etc.


Provides the ability to define projects for which time is reported against


Project definitions include elements for managing time as well as financial elements such as project billing and tracking of expenses related to a project


Project functionality also provides for the ability to have external customers log into the application to see the status of their project reducing the time employees spend communicating project status


Offered as a cloud based timesheet app only to simplify implementations and ongoing maintenance requirements

Time Clock runs on shared devices such as a desktop, laptop or tablet

The mobile version allows employees to record time worked from anywhere

Your Vestigo can be fully up and running the same day you contact us



Vestigo is a cloud based timesheet app with an easy to use GUI. Our employee time tracking software makes managing projects and time clock data easy.

Vestigo lets employers determine how to track employees hours making it the best time clock for small business. Time Sheet is used to manually enter time worked and allows time to be applied to Activities (projects).

Vestigo Time Tracking Mobile
Vestigo Time Sheet GUI

Launched Time Clock allows multiple users on a shared device to quickly Clock In/Out with the use of a 4 digit PIN. This clock in software lets an administrator determine how to track employees hours and what data to collect when clocking out. The best time clock for small business was designed for simplicity while gathering invaluable data.

Vestigo Software: Clock In GUI


Almost any business can benefit from our time and project management system Vestigo. However, we feel certain features can benefit some industries better than others.


Law Firms
Non Profits
Property Management

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