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Northflow has a long history in workflow consultancy and billing software technology that first began in 1964.


Started by a group of local independent telephone companies and formerly known within the industry as Computoservice, Inc. (CSI) in 1964, CSI began providing mainframe-based billing service for the telephone companies it served. In 1985 CSI became a subsidiary of Minnesota-based Hickory Tech Corporation.

Since that time, the company was rebranded to keep up with the changing communications industry. In 1988, we were branded as National Independent Billing, Inc. (NIBI) to service interexchange carriers, while still operating as CSI. The company consolidated all operations under the brand NIBI in 1997. In May of 2000, all subsidiaries were re-branded under the name HickoryTech and NIBI was given the division name Information Solutions. In October 2013, all divisions of the company were again rebranded as Enventis. In October 2014, Enventis merged with Consolidated Communications of Illinois.


In November 2015, the workflow consultancy and billing software technology entity was purchased by an independent investor and branded as Northflow Solutions, Inc.

Northflow Solutons Entrance
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