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How Much Can 15 Minutes Really Save You?

It may sound a bit trivial when you first think of it: How much is 15 minutes of an employee's day worth?

However, if you stop and analyze the compounded benefits it becomes a little more intriguing. Let's consider the following examples:

Employment sites suggest that the average IT professional averages about $80,000+. Including benefits, taxes, and other employment overhead that figure is closer to $100,000 in cost to the business.

The typical full-time employee works 122,400 minutes a year. This means that a daily 15-minute task is worth $3,186 annually. Automating just two of these tasks for 5 employees for example turns into a savings of $31,860. Take it another step farther - let's put in a little more effort and automate 5 tasks for each of these 5 employees. You just saved $79,000.

Those 15 minutes aren't looking so trivial anymore are they.

How can you do it?

One-way Northflow Solutions has saved minutes a day is with Renovo. Renovo is a tool that leverages existing processes to provide a rapidly deployed solution with a significantly lower cost of ownership. At Northflow Solutions, our Database Administrators were receiving countless requests from our QA and testing staff to synchronize data on testing, development, and reporting regions. Fulfilling these requests took time away from our DBAs to complete other initiatives. Additionally, refreshes were often requested to be run after hours, requiring staff to put in extra time.

Not anymore!We invite you to check out Renovo and start saving time today!

If you'd like more information, have questions, or would like to begin your free trial, please drop us an email at We'd love to hear from you!

The Northflow Solutions Team

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