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Data Synchronization - Part 1 of 3 Blog looking at The Right Tool For The Job

Part #1

"What problem do these tools solve?"

The Problem

The problem is the same for everyone: How to move data from database A to database B. Software developers, QA teams, or report writers all need non-production copies of data. Low-Code/No-Code or DevOps initiatives raise the same problem.

Data virtualization in the context of test data management solves that problem. It will create virtual copies of the database either through mirrored drives, software algorithms, or other methods thus providing an environment for secondary database environments. Amazon Web Services, Azure, and other cloud providers have snapshot methods to replicate environments. Other solutions involve home-grown scripting or manual steps to replicate a database from one location to another. Renovo is another, and more effective solution to this problem.

The tools will differ but the desired result is the same. You want an efficient way to replicate data for various needs while containing time, money, and labor.

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