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Message Processing

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Your business rules dictate when and how usage is collected and billed. SuiteSolution validates every record to assure rating accuracy – ultimately increasing your ROI.

Message Processing: The responsibility to gather and format raw xDRs into billable records begins here.

  • Automatically polls switches to retrieve daily usage, handling multiple feeds simultaneously

  • Automatically runs validation scripts to monitor duplicate files or duplicate sequence numbers of raw CDRs, as well as the pattern, size, and frequency of those expected files


Mediation: Processes common  1.X Data, AMA, CIBER, EMI, FXIP, HSPA, PCS, GSM, IPTV, MTX, SMS and a host of customer specific and proprietary formats.

  • Normalizes switch-recorded data into formatted records, for example IP packets are converted into AMA records

  • Accepts comma delimited, text-based, fixed- and variable-length, binary-based and proprietary formats

  • Automatically filters errors for review, remedy, and reprocessing

  • Generates an automated Daily Usage Summary email report listing errors and exceptions

  • Controls the electronic flow of outcollect usage sent to clearinghouses: roaming, wholesale and CABS 

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Usage Pricing: Calculations are defined by your business rules and controlled by true/false decisions used to attach complex pricing formulas to xDRs.

  • Prices can be easily cloned, modified, future-dated, saved and reused

  • Supports strict version control, the setup of ‘effective date' expirations, and testing off-production

  • Accommodates rounding, minimum/maximums, fractional or duration-based pricing

  • Import/export pricing to ASCII files for off-system backup or source control

  • Validations include: database ID, company code, user ID audit trail, pricing version ID date/time stamps

Rating: Real-time rating engine processes any measurable usage type: wireline, cellular, content, data, IP, video

  • Rules-based tariff editor accommodates an unlimited number of rating schemes

  • Flexible usage rating by type, customer, bill group, market or GEO location

  • Pre-paid and post-paid usage, packages, bundles, and promotions

  • Efficiently rate recurring, non-recurring charges, discounts, peak, off-peak, pro-rated, time of day, duration, events, volume

  • Usage rated daily provides near real-time view of billed and unbilled toll in Web Care or CRM  


Revenue Assurance: Capturing revenue for every usage record is the lifeblood of your business. This begins with making sure every usage record is collected, rated, linked to the customer and most importantly – included on the monthly bill. 


Trending:  Conducted throughout the billing process, trending reports assure consistent, anticipated revenue.

  • Identifies missing CDR files by tracking sequence number, date and usage ID

  • Prompts investigation to determine reason and account for missing data

  • Multiple trending reports support verification of:

  • Balances brought forward from the previous cycle

  • Comparison of grand totals to trial balance and general ledger

  • Revenue sent to and received from clearinghouses to verify settlements and reconcile incollect calls

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