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Product Catalog | Plans, Bundles & Promotions

The Back Office Management Module facilitates the development of building blocks that become charges, credits, and features used to create service plans, discounts, packages and bundles.

  • Robust tool facilitates creation of products, features, service definitions and pricing

  • Quickly implement new products and services without IT assistance

  • Process any usage type: Voice, Long Distance, Video, VoIP, Wireless Prepaid, GSM, HSPA, XML, SMS, 1x AAA data

  • Easily clone products and services saving time and reducing errors

  • Create Feature Package definitions that bundle multiple features, such as voice mail and call waiting

  • Create Feature Group definitions that allow ‘weighted features’ to be included in a package, such as one premium TV channel being equal to two regular channels selected



  • Package definitions, service plans, and bundle availability all directly tied to compatibility rules

  • Compatibility rules establish parameters that control the price and limit the availability based  on options including account type, service type, facility type, GEO block, NPA/NXX, city, state, zip/postal code

  • Plans can include one-time and recurring charges

  • Both mandatory and optional features are displayed during account set-up

  • CSRs have flexibility in adding or removing  optional compatible features

  • Easily establish optional calling plans, refillable data packages, weighted premium channel options and family-share plans

  • Establish plan minutes, optional (bonus or free) minutes, favorite or high feature minutes, carry over minutes, pooled (shared), non-pooled, prorated, and skipped minutes



  • Flat rate, percentage, one-off, recurring, volume pricing, and installment sales supported

  • Create competitive pooled and non-pooled promotions and surcharges

  • Backdate, postdate, and current date charges and credits, including general charges and feature charges

  • Create recurring charges in advance or arrears

  • Create discounts in bulk, as a percentage, or fixed amount and set minimum and maximum

  • Create discount promotions or surcharges that can be assigned as part of a Service Plan or assigned directly to individual customer accounts in CRM

  • Control the presentation of promotional discounts on the customer's invoice

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