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Customer Relationship Manager

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Empower CSRs to efficiently support customers from a single customer care system – improves data accuracy, improves customer retention, and decreases operating costs.  No complex pricing plans to memorize. CSRs remain focused to perform at their highest level.

Single Point of Access | Open APIs eliminate redundant swivel chair tasks and provide CSRs with access to:



Customer Profile | Registration wizards systematically progress CSRs through the registration process and keep them informed of subscriber status.

  • Customer ‘thumbnail’ provides instant snapshot of customer summary: balance due, credit rating, payments made, deposits, active/disconnected/collection status

  • CSR Welcome dashboard displays personal workflow such as assigned tasks, frequent customer interactions, recent trouble tickets, reminders to follow-up, and journal notes

  • Multiple icons provide instant notification of important status, such as payment arrangements, hot issues, NSF checks, open trouble tickets, directory preferences

  • Daily maintenance including new account registrations, plans and package changes, moves, and deletes

  • ‘Create Like’ functionality exists on service account level and service plan level

  • Accept payments, print receipts, print duplicate invoices

CRM Flow.png


SuiteSolution CRM Payments screen

SuiteSolution CRM Payments.png
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