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Trouble Reporting

The level of service we provide to subscribers in our industry has never been more important than it is today. Heightened

customer expectations and a growing

number of competitors means that

customer service often determines

the difference between adding a new

customer and losing one.


  • User-friendly GUI

  • Open Trouble Tickets 

  • Update Tickets Information

  • Track Cases of Facility Trouble

  • Print Tickets for Technicians 

  • Analyze & Report on Trouble Statistics  


The Trouble Reporting module provides your customer service representatives with the tools they need to open and track trouble tickets quickly. Data flows automatically from CRM to Trouble so there is no re-keying of basic customer information, saving valuable time.


Technicians can directly access and print trouble information to remedy the ticket. In addition, the system provides complete reporting capabilities to meet your company’s historical management and analysis requirements.

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