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Carrier Access Billing

Carrier Access Billing (CABS)

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Access collection is critical in today’s telecom environment. Since 1984, ILECs and facility-based CLECs have depended on us for Carrier Access Billing.


SECAB industry compliant invoices allow telecom providers to effectively administer provider and customer accounts, and control information. Customized to handle interconnection and residual billings.


Access collection is critical in today’s telecom environment. SuiteSolution Carrier Access Billing Module produces SECAB industry compliant invoices and allows telecom providers to effectively administer provider and customer accounts, and control information.


CABS is a richly designed package, using Visual Basic, C++, user-friendly GUI, client/server technologies with Intel-based invoices.

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Accurate and timely access collection remains critical in today’s competitive telecom environment.  


System Features


  • Switched and Facility Access

  • Special Circuits, Reciprocal Access, and Direct Trunks

  • Wireless billing

  • Billing of Interconnection Agreements

  • Billing of Circuits and Discounts

  • Meet Point Billing Arrangements

    • Single Bill/Multiple Tariff

    • Multiple Bill/Multiple Tariff

    • Single Bill/Single Tariff

  • SECABS invoice output format

  • Mechanized or Paper Invoice Format: Electronically (FTP or Email) or Mail (CD Rom or PDF)

  • Automated or manual Batch processing

  • User defined Billing Cycles

  • Daily usage processing and Monthly invoice processing

  • Dispute Resolution and Experienced support

  • Apply Adjustments, Payments, Late Fees, and Other Charges and Credits

  • Out–Toll Data File accommodates companies without Meet Point Billing Agreements

  • Calculates and applies taxes via EZtax software

  • Calculates invoices per carrier, per tariff

  • Set up rate structures: billing percents (PIU, IPIL, PIL, PLU), routes, and NPANXX/CLLI codes

  • Set up user-defined rate element names

  • Export extracted data in Excel or .CSV format for analysis

  • Bi-annual software releases

  • On-line Help documentation

  • Implementation available between 60 – 90 days

  • Security roles based on your business rules control access to software functions

SECABS Functionality

SECABS Functionality

CABS Batch Processing

The convenience of batch processing is yours. Each of these processes may be scheduled to start and stop automatically, or they can be manually started and stopped.

Daily Usage Processing


Call Detail Records (from the switch and from In-Toll) are processed daily giving you a current window to both messages and minutes processed and critical insight to monthly revenue impact long before monthly processing is kicked off.

  • Trending reports allow you to analyze the data up front.

  • Usage record data imported from the switch and from In-Toll is done via a batch process.

  • Data will be filtered and validated before being input into the database.

  • Any data that does not pass validation can be reviewed, corrected, and re-validated when exceptions are processed.

  • Daily usage processing options include feature group flat-rated usage elements and entry of manual minutes of use for switched access.

Monthly Invoice Processing


Once a month, as specified by the user, the data is summarized, rated and processed for the invoice. Enhanced features include:

  • Switched & Facility Access – Invoices follow SECABS industry standards. Users can request the option of paper or mechanized invoices. Customized to handle interconnection and residual billings.

  • Out-Toll Data File – Call detail records from the switch and from In-Toll can be exported to the Out-Toll process, which forwards usage records for phone companies without a Meet Point Billing Agreement to their subsequent billing companies.

  • CSV Data Files – Invoiced data can be exported to a .csv file to allow customized reporting for critical trending and analysis by the user.

SuiteSolution CABS Architecture Diagram
Batch Processing

CABS Architecture

n-tier Client/Server
Oracle12c Database 


Operating System

Windows 2008 R2

Work Station Requirements

Microsoft Windows
2 GB of RAM minimum
120 GB Hard Drive 


  • SECABS compliant

  • In-House or Hosted Deployment 

  • Windows-based Maintenance GUI

  • Integrated with the Billing System for Mediation and Tariff Management

  • Richly designed using Microsoft Visual Studio and Oracle PL/SQL

Relational Database

Your call-detail data is stored in a relational database specific to your billing needs. The relational database allows you to access the same data for multiple purposes creating the information and history you need to be profitable. Call-detail records are rated as soon as they are received, allowing access to daily reports of both messages and minutes – putting trending information at your fingertips and a pulse on revenue impact each month.


CABS Benefits

Maintenance |  Daily access to vital information including phone company information, factors, tariffs, carrier information, facility access maintenance, invoice adjustments, payment application, and other charges and credits.


Revenue Assurance |  Protect your revenue stream by analyzing raw CDR records from summarized usage and monitoring tariff rates, routes, and rate elements.  Audit trails facilitate more detailed analysis of your usage.  


Customized Reporting and Analysis |  Raw CDRs are available or use summarized data to create minutes of use (MOU) trending and forecasting reports, which enable accurate administrative revenue planning and impact.


Preview & Print Invoices  |  Preview invoices prior to sending to carriers. Invoices can be emailed, mailed or sent electronically (FTP). 


CABS Reporting

Industry standard pre-formatted invoices for Switched and Facility Access provide you with the tools you need. The SuiteSolution CABS module creates a direct link to the reporting database.


This allows you to process your own ad-hoc reports and provides a user-defined report sequence with online access to a long list of standard reports including:


  • Accounts Receivable Report

  • Billing Account Adj. and OCC

  • Billing Account Disputes

  • Billing Account Payments

  • Billing Account Threshold Summary

  • Billing Percent Calculation

  • Billing Percent VoIP Usage

  • Contract Expiration Report

  • Customer Listing

  • Daily Load Balancing Summary

  • Exception Detail Report

  • Exception Summary Counts

  • Provider Routes Report

  • Serving Wire Center/Customer

  • Tariff Rate Report


Query Tool Reporting


Query Tool allows you to select data fields to pull a single month of Billed Invoice data for trending analysis or pull several years of historic invoices for analysis.


Summary Maintenance Reporting


This option allows you to report on all maintenance detail applied within the current bill period or historic detail on past billings.


CABS System Flow

Switched Access Processes.png
System Flow
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