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Delinquent Accounts Management

Deposits | Protect your assets – require security deposits to limit risk by type of subscribed service or equipment.  Deposits are initially captured through the CRM Module. The software tracks and reports on deposits for the life of the account.

  • Add, edit, find, delete, apply interest, and set qualification criteria for active and inactive accounts

  • Control the display of deposit interest and refunds on the invoice

  • Control  with security rights which staff can refund deposits or schedule deposit interest payments

  • Control if deposits are optional or mandatory based on service type

  • Refund a single account or refund deposits in mass

  • Transfer deposits from one account to another

  • Establish deposit type categories, such as ‘security’, ‘equipment’ or ‘dealer’ deposits

  • Record deposits separate from prepayments for proper GL tracking

  • View billed and unbilled deposit history

  • View deposit reports based on billed or unbilled balance, interest, and refund status


Late Fees | When accounts are delinquent you can auto-generate late fees at the account level.

  • Define the rules for late payments through customized credit rating definitions

  • Use the wizard to auto-generate late charges

  • Base fees on a flat rate; a percentage of the outstanding balance due; or a combination of a flat fee and an added percentage of the outstanding balance due

  • Establish optional minimum or maximum fees

  • Flag a customer as exempt regardless of the current outstanding balance

  • View aging balances including a 'count' field that indicates the number of times the aging balance has been greater than zero

  • Auto assign the credit rating promotion or demotion          


Payment Arrangements | The software takes payment arrangements into consideration when calculating Disconnect Notices.

  • Track, monitor and report on payment arrangements

  • Accept postdated payments submitted via check or credit card

  • Accept monthly installments for customers paying current charges

  • View payment arrangements and customer receivables on the same screen

  • Control how ‘exempt’ customers are handled according to your business rules

  • Exclude payment arrangements from delinquent notices sent

  • Report arrangements to customer via export to Word document or email

  • View payment arrangement Logs: 2000 character description, with user’s ID, date and time stamp

  • View payment arrangement History:  retained  by status (active, cancelled, fulfilled, expired)

  • Automatically close out a payment arrangement once the final payment is posted             


Disconnect Notices | Auto-generate dunning notices for single or multiple accounts whose balance due is greater than the acceptable balance due. 

  • Automated temp-suspend services for non-payment or disconnect type status

  • Automated reconnect process

  • Generate Warning notices  or print reminders directly on the invoice

  • Generate Suspend  and Final Disconnect notices

  • Exempt accounts with payment arrangements

  • Exempt special accounts, such as essential government or charitable entities

  • Export and mail-merge in Word or send via email

  • Credit Ratings on the account control the notice criteria

  • Generate Auto-Dial files in .CSV format to load messages into a 3rd party application

  • View Disconnect Notice History individually, by Bill Group, or by Bill Cycle


Write Offs | When the account is no longer salvageable, the system will automatically create a ‘Written-off for Collections’ account file.

  • Flag accounts with a Write Off status alert code

  • Select Write Off information based on:  charge percentage, charge priority, tax processing method, billing cycle, and statement date

  • Write Off small outstanding debit or credit balances with Balance to Zero process

  • Generate Write Off reports in .CSV format to be used for a 3rd party collections agency

  • Write Off Toll and Taxes individually

  • Generate a bill after a partial payment has been received on a written off account

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