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Billing Engine

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Fully redundant, high-speed rating engine with load-balancing capability assures billing efficiency.

  • No limitation for scalability of the software; scalability is based on the hardware components selected

  • Usage rated daily - speeds up net billing run time

  • Multi-cycle billing to meet your business requirements

  • Multi-language invoices

  • Calculates discounts, applies taxes and prepares subscriber’s data for invoice process

  • Trial Balance, Pre- and Post-Cycle Reports verify that all cycles balanced

  • Billing can be kicked off in-house by your staff or conducted by Northflow on your behalf for hosted deployments

Bill Cycles  


Allow you to split and track revenue by product or service, bill group, or by general ledger number


  • Multiple Bill Cycles can be run concurrently

  • Bill Cycles establish the statement date, payment due date, billing interval (monthly/quarterly), billing start date, and the prorate method used to determine partials

  • Bill Cycles can have any number of related Bill Groups associated with them

  • Bill Groups define a ‘collection of accounts’ – billed at the same interval, in the same bill cycle, with the same invoice format

  • Trial Balance Report verifies that each Bill Cycle balanced properly




  • Internal tax functionality defines field values based on GEO code and tax jurisdiction code

  • Pre-integrated with optional industry compliant 3rd-party EZtax module

  • Tax based on a percentage, flat amount, units of usage, tax-on-tax

  • Tax rules control application of tax for recurring, non-recurring charges and tax exempt status



Real-time rating engine processes any measurable usage type: wireline, cellular, content, data, IP, video

  • Rules-based tariff editor accommodates an unlimited number of rating schemes

  • Flexible usage rating by type, customer, bill group, market or GEO location

  • Pre-paid and post-paid usage, packages, bundles, and promotions

  • Efficiently rate recurring, non-recurring charges, discounts, peak, off-peak, pro-rated, time of day, duration, events, volume

  • Usage rated daily provides near real-time view of billed and unbilled toll in Web Care or CRM

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