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It requires logic to preserve prospect data and requirements passed on to the billing and customer management system when the contract is signed. The complex quote process requires a disciplined procedure to produce an easily understandable quote for prospects.

Quote Builder is a user-friendly web-based application that allows managers to view and approve work in the pipeline. Built to be user friendly and accessible for sales teams and sales agents selling on your behalf. The Quote Builder Module facilitates the quote-to-customer process for today’s communications service providers.

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Consistent Offers | Standardizes the language and professional presentation of each offer, no matter which sales rep or agent writes up the quote.


Price Accuracy | Automatically incorporates current pricing from the billing system based on the prospect’s central office. Flexible enough to allow individual case-based (ICB) pricing when the situation demands.


Compatibility Rules | Enforces compatibility restrictions validated by GEO location to only display available options for services and features in that local market.


Procedural Discipline | Step-by-step processes simplify and govern complex procedures to ensure that every prospect receives the same attention to detail throughout the quote process.


Save Time/Reduce Errors | Notifications are emailed to expedite manager approvals or signatures. Static business contract language, such as legal verbiage, is dynamically auto-populated to effectively reduce potential for errors, improve quality, and reduce review time.


Configurable Pricing


Standard – ‘Base Pricing’ is configurable to meet your company’s multiple service offerings or markets served. Pricing can be based on the following variables:

  • Tiered – designate from 1 to 10 tiers based on your ability to deliver the product and the facilities available.

  • Delivery Method – configure pricing based on the complexity of service delivery.

  • Bandwidth – apply pricing based on the volume offered.

  • Contract Terms – apply discounts based on the length of the contract.


ICB Pricing – Optional individual case-based pricing facilitates offers that don’t fit standard base pricing.




Service Plans/Markets | Fully defined and pre-entered into Quote Builder, service plans and products become selectable by the sales rep or agent entering the quote. Templates for high volume products and bundles of products facilitate the sales process and assure quote accuracy.


Security Roles | Individual login and user roles invoke unique privileges by tasks performed or function, such as sales reps, agents, managers, and authorized pricing staff.


Clone Quote Function | Copy and re-quote easily, selecting a different set of products or 30-, 60-, 90-day contract terms, for example.


Logos | Maintains multiple company or subsidiary logos to toggle the correct one for each quote.


Promotions/Discounts | Authorization rules enforce:

  • Auto-credits for installation charges after a 3-year contract term is met.

  • Discounts tied to a task that requires a manager’s approval for specific features or high volumes.

  • Upcharges when a customer requests an ‘expedited installation’ time frame.


Workflow Tasks | Enforces tasks, based on your pre-defined business processes, so no steps are missed.


Legal Verbiage | Dynamically auto-populates business requirement language where applicable to assure consistency and accuracy.


Attachments/ Comments | Attach requirements documents, drawings, project requirements, or capture critical prospect information as comments at the task level.


Forms | Generates user-defined forms based on the products selected during the Quote process.


Data Collection | Preserves and transfers vital field information to the billing system when the contract is signed.

Quote History | Retains previous quotes - whether or not they were accepted by the prospect/customer.



SuiteSolution Quote Builder Proposal screen.


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