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If you are looking for versatile telecom billing software, you have come to the right place. Built on a web-based front end, SuiteSolution® allows immediate access to your customer’s data.  


Unique Qualification | Our customers have come to depend on us as a resource for world-class tools to create workflow efficiencies and synergies in their workplace. We are aware of the value a quality telecom billing, workflow and customer management system brings to your business. This unique position provides the advantage of exposure to the business requirements and challenges faced by today’s communications service providers.


Development Synergies | Our customers propose good ideas to enhance the software. Together we bring new functionality to the software that keeps it relevant for today’s multi-faceted service providers. We interview our customers to make sure their business plans fit our development strategy, as much as they interview us as a software vendor.

Focused Application of Expertise | Our focus is to understand our client’s business and challenges; and then to apply our expertise and experience to propose the best possible solution. Then we develop software functionality to meet those challenges to keep our customers competitive within their markets.


  • Rules-based usage pricing

  • Service plans, packages, bundling, and compatibility

  • Continuous operations during billing

  • xDR management and auditing


Join the satisfied communication providers realizing these benefits:

SuiteSolution Benefits

Supports Market Opportunities | Allows the introduction of new voice, cellular, broadband, or IP services. Quickly and cost-effectively adapts to creative pricing strategies. You have direct access to create or revise packages, bundles or promotions whenever it fits your marketing need.


Enriches Intelligent Management Decisions | Reliable data reporting allows management to make informed business decisions, enabling efficient utilization of resources. 


Lowers Operating Costs & Increases Efficiency | Repetitive and complex procedures are automated by Work Flow Manager [WFM] reducing cost and saving time. WFM assures that no steps are missed. This affords you greater control of your assets and peace of mind from knowing that every order was processed in the proper sequence.


Enriches Customer Support | Create relationships with your customers. You’ll see a superior quality level of service performed by your staff. Detailed information is at their fingertips. Training time is reduced and call-flow improved with the intuitive web-based system. Wizards and prompts insure that inexperienced reps aren’t required to memorize complex pricing packages or procedures.


Facilitates Revenue Assurance | Checks and balances during bill processing assure that all records are accounted for prior to billing. Assures that every service is being delivered correctly and every service delivered is being billed.


Lowers Implementation Risk | Pre-integrated world-class products already tested, reducing time to implement a world-class system that is a just right fit for your business requirements.

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