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Telecom Billing & Customer Care


We are aware of the value a quality telecom billing, workflow and customer management system brings to your business. Our customers have come to depend on us as a resource for world-class tools to create workflow efficiencies and synergies in their workplace.  This unique position provides the advantage of exposure to the business requirements and challenges faced by today’s communications service providers.

SuiteSolution telecom billing software allows you to define and enforce procedures for tasks your employees perform, enabling you to provide consistent, cost-effective, high-quality service to every customer. 

We are the BSS/OSS vendor that integrated service providers turn to for billing and customer care. SuiteSolution satisfies the needs of competitive telecommunications service providers by providing a proven billing and customer management software system coupled with the latest in database and screen presentation technology. 


Email us at to begin a discussion on how your company can benefit from this application.

SuiteSolution Telecom Billing & Customer Care

SuiteSolution Module Overview Videos

Back Office Overview

You are in control of the configuration of business rules used to bill your customers. It begins here with the population of control tables and field names that appear as valid selections in dropdown list boxes. Your staff performs setup of control records and efficiently conducts batch processing in the Back Office Management Module.

Back Office

CRM Overview

Empower CSRs to efficiently support customers from a single customer care system – improves data accuracy, improves customer retention, and decreases operating costs.  No complex pricing plans to memorize. CSRs remain focused to perform at their highest level.


WFM Overview

Configurable workflow logic is defined by your business processes and best practices. WFM acts as a traffic manager, providing a link between SuiteSolution and external systems.​

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