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Built on a web-based front end, SuiteSolution allows easy, immediate access to your customer's data. Available hosted or in-house.

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Oracle database | Delivers high-speed performance, supports an impressive growth path, and allows access to stored data from any ODBC front-end tool


  • System architecture model | Based on transactional support  for high scalability and availability levels

  • Archive/warehouse model | Stores archived data for long-term retention, reporting analysis, and operating metrics

  • Batch usage process model | Components maximize storage efficiency, while maintaining high-performance mass xDR processing

SuiteSolution Architecture Diagram

Open, three-tier Client/Server
Object Oriented
Oracle Database
Operating System
Microsoft Windows
Internet Explorer
Windows Server 
Web Services (Read more about Web Services here.)
Hosted - Work Station Requirements
We will recommend an appropriately configured work station based on your business requirements.


In-House - Hardware Server Requirements
We will recommend an appropriately configured hardware list for in-house production servers based on your business requirements.


Runs on real hardware or a VM server
2 Cores
App Server requires 150 GB of fault tolerant storage
Database Server required fault tolerant storage in proportion to the number of managed accounts
Windows Server

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