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Deployment Options

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Choose an installation method that suits your need for control, ease of maintenance, and flexibility. Both options have unique benefits.


Hosted Deployment


Your billing becomes our billing! This option assumes you’ll use Northflow as a service bureau application for message processing and billing. Our staff has an average of 18 years of billing support and IT experience. We are experts in handling your data with over 50 years as a service bureau.


Hosted benefits include:

  • Predictable cost of service - pay as you go

  • Reduce IT costs associated with training, industry knowledge, upkeep

  • Reduced implementation process means a faster time to launch - all the pieces are pre-integrated

  • Minimal staffing requirements - we perform back office functions on your behalf

  • 24/7 support and managed risk - Northflow is responsible for the scheduling, hardware, and data​


In-House Deployment

This option assumes that you will license the software and execute the programs on servers located at your location.

In-House benefits include:

  • Hands-on control of your monthly billing process
  • Overall cost savings over the life of the contract

  • Flexibility of billing schedule and hardware selection

  • Maximize skills of exiting IT staff to your benefit

  • Train-the Trainer, End-User, and Refresher Training available​

SuiteSolution Deployment Options
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