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“By making these underlying applications virtually invisible, employees can concentrate on doing their jobs.


Our executives are extremely pleased. The integrated solution works as promised and has already delivered a meaningful ROI.”


~ Angela D., Chief Information Officer

“Our goal was to enter information once into a unified CRM system for all services, to automate the scheduling and activation processes, and to focus on our customer relationship.

Previously, when a customer would call and ask for service, the process was repetitive and prone to errors.”


~ Kevin B., VP Consumer Markets

“Blackfoot values its role as a strategic partner in developing the direction of the software. 


They ask us about the challenges we face and respond with software enhancements that help us address those challenges, making our processes more efficient and ultimately helping us deliver better customer experiences.”


~ Barb H., Sr. Systems Integration Analyst
   Blackfoot Telecommunications Group

I would like to think that B/OSS requirements that KMTS and DMTS identify as a benefit to our company would be equally beneficial to other Northflow Solutions customers.

As they enhance the SuiteSolution platform with customer driven applications for better process control and reporting for example, those enhancements become available to all partners to access and benefit from.


~ Stace G., General Manager, & Director,

   Bell Aliant Relationship Group 

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