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Trouble Ticketing | Incident & Problem Management

SuiteSolution is pre-integrated with SaskTel International and CHR Solutions for trouble and incident reporting.

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SaskTel’s incident and problem management solution, equipping your enterprise with the tools to optimally manage incident and problem resolution. SaskTel International Transform the trouble-to-resolution process to be as seamless, efficient and streamlined as possible. A truly enterprise-wide solution, collect and correlate incidents from both customers and those initiated by network/IT monitoring applications. Help desks, and any related department that is part of an incident/problem management process become highly productive as any incident can be tracked, monitored, alarmed, escalated and reported on.


SaskTel International (SI) was established in 1986 as a subsidiary of SaskTel, a multi-service communications service provider with over a century of successful operating experience. SI leverages the expertise, industry firsts, lessons-learned, and resources of SaskTel to market leading-edge software solutions and professional services for service providers worldwide. Our qualified resources are not only sourced internally, but also from SaskTel who can engage employees with decades of experience in a service provider environment.

Whether your challenges are in the physical, logical, or virtual network layers, CHR Solutions offers Facilities, Inventory and Network Management software. Inventory Management Software helps you to take control of your network assets. You will have visibility across all the resources need in order to maximize the value of your network and all its layers. In order to maximize the value of your network, you need to know what it consists of and its status. Our Inventory Management solution gives you the ability to effectively and efficiently track all aspects of your network inventory - from trouble tickets to field technicians, fiber deployments to set-top boxes. Our solution provides the business intelligence necessary to guide least-cost decisions, ensuring the most effective use of your network assets. 

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cvTicket is an event management system that documents and plans change management, trouble ticket resolution, and customer communication. Features such as Bulk Notifications, customizable Escalation Schedules, E-mail Triage and a host of others, promote shorter downtimes, organized projects, and satisfied customers.


Save time responding to outages and quickly send notifications to customers on outages due to events or planned maintenance. 

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