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2016 Press Release

National Independent Billing, Inc. Rebrands as Northflow Solutions


Now Independently Owned and Operated

Jan. 26, 2016 - - Today, Northflow Solutions, Inc. (Northflow) announced the new brand name, independent ownership and operation of the company. Headquartered in Mankato, Minn. – where several converging rivers begin to flow north to meet the Mississippi – Northflow is a valued industry provider of workflow, billing and customer management software - SuiteSolution®. The company, established in 1964, was formerly known as National Independent Billing, Inc. and associated with a Minnesota-based telecommunications company.


As of November 2015, Northflow operates under the ownership and direction of Mike Borchert, president. Mr. Borchert was raised in Mankato, comes from a family with a long telecommunications background, and is an experienced business entrepreneur.


“Northflow has earned a reputation for delivering quality products and superior user service to customers across North America,” said Borchert. “I am pleased to lead a company with a successful track record of implementations of billing and customer care software for quad-play providers. This reputation is a result of the commitment to excellence demonstrated by our employees who possess an unrivaled combination of industry knowledge and technical expertise.”


Northflow has evolved over the years from a service bureau into a software development company that provides consulting and world-class tools to create operational efficiencies, to fully monetize services and to enhance the subscriber experience.


With over twenty-five years with the company, Scott Grill serves as Northflow’s general manager. “Northflow offers a consultative approach to customers selecting software.  Our focus is to understand our client’s business and challenges; and then to apply our expertise and experience to propose the best possible solution,” added Grill. “So we first spend time with customers to define their business process flows. Then we offer recommendations to efficiently configure their workflows, enabling them to run more efficiently. Our customers tell us that we are their competitive edge in the markets they serve.”


Northflow will have trade show booths at the Canadian Independent Telecommunications Showcase in Markham, Ont. on February 28 - March 1 and the Minnesota Telecom Alliance Annual Convention held in Minneapolis, Minn. on March 21-23, 2016.


About Northflow Solutions, Inc.  Established in 1964, Northflow Solutions, Inc. (Northflow) is a North American provider of workflow, billing and customer management software - SuiteSolution®.  Independently owned and operated, Northflow provides consulting and world-class tools to:  create operational efficiencies, fully monetize services, and to enhance the subscriber experience. Northflow provides software and services to triple- and quad-play ILECs, CLECs, Cooperatives, Regional Broadband Service Providers and Wireless Service Providers.


Northflow is located in Mankato, Minn. at the bend in the Minnesota River – where several converging rivers begin to flow north to meet the Mississippi. For more information about Northflow or SuiteSolution, contact us via email at

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