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Quality software and superior customer service.

Northflow Solutions has a long history of delivering quality software and superior customer service, and our employees possess an unrivaled combination of industry knowledge and technical expertise. More about us


Our Telecom Billing and Customer Care software provides world-class tools to create operational efficiencies, fully monetize services, and enhance the customer experience.

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Our telecom billing and customer management software allows you to define procedures for tasks your employees perform.

Renovo Logo Data Synchronization

Manage data synchronization

for Oracle and Microsoft

SQL Server databases in production, test, QA, and development environments.

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Vestigo is a Time and Project Management application. Its design enables employers to not only track employees time, but project efficiency. ​


Custom Software

Our in-house talent specializes in taking your ideas and creating simple, easy to use web application. We have you covered from consulting to testing.

DBA Consultancy

Our Oracle certified staff offers personalized attention that only a small business can, as well as subject-matter expertise and experience.


What is the best fit for OSS/BSS operational efficiencies?

Customers these days are focused on results, so to compete you need to be extremely adaptable, smart, and able to make do with less.

Data Synchronization - Looking at The Right Tool For The Job

The problem is the same for everyone: How to move data from database A to database B. Software developers, QA teams, or report writers all need non-production copies of data.

What does 15 minutes a day mean to your company?

Did you know that by saving 15 minutes per day, every year you can save about 91 hours, or 3 days, or 11 eight-hour working days.

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