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Time Leaks In System Testing - Data Replication

“How long will it take to test that?” You’ve undoubtedly been asked that dreaded question, which all System Testers are inevitably asked. Sure, there are formulas and techniques you can apply to come up with an estimated target completion date, but there are often unplanned nuances that pop up along the way and need to be mitigated. Nuances like delayed code drops, rebuilding test regions, and replicating data/data synchronization that often lead to you sitting idle, working overtime, and/or missing timelines.

Delayed code drops are difficult to manage and typically not within the control of a System Tester. During this downtime, system testers can often be found updating test plans, working on other projects, or perhaps writing documentation. In essence, core testing is put on hold until a code drop becomes available.

Rebuilding or restoring system test regions can also be time consuming, yet necessary. This could be as simple as reverting back to a previous software version or as complex as building a test system from the ground up. Rebuilding a test region is usually unexpected and can require involvement from areas outside of the testing team.

Finally, replicating data into test environments can also add unexpected time to your testing estimate. Oftentimes, replicating or restoring data into a system test region involves the assistance of your Database Administrator or Technical Support colleagues. In many organizations, these resources are already exceptionally busy and your request may fall to the bottom of the priority list; after all, you’re “just testing” and they’re likely swamped with production-related issues.

Ideally, there would be quicker ways to mitigate delayed code drops and rebuilding system test regions. The fact is, it just takes time. However, there’s a way to reduce that time while also becoming self-sufficient with data replication. Renovo is a tool that provides System Testers with the ability to restore or replicate data without interrupting or waiting for technical staff. Not only does this save technical resource time, but it also minimizes downtime for System Testers. Renovo’s easy to use and provides non-technical users with a trouble-free way to replicate data while its audit capabilities and abstraction from the database provide Database Administrators with peace of mind.

With Renovo, the next time you’re asked, “How long will it take to test that?” you can feel comfortable knowing that at least one of the above three nuances is now within your control.


If you'd like more information about Renovo, have questions, or would like to begin your free 30 day trial, please drop us an email at We'd love to hear from you!

The Northflow Solutions Team


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