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Mankato, MN

SECABS Functionality

Accurate and timely access collection remains critical in today’s competitive telecom environment.  


System Features


  • Switched and Facility Access

  • Special Circuits, Reciprocal Access, and Direct Trunks

  • Wireless billing

  • Billing of Interconnection Agreements

  • Billing of Circuits and Discounts

  • Meet Point Billing Arrangements

    • Single Bill/Multiple Tariff

    • Multiple Bill/Multiple Tariff

    • Single Bill/Single Tariff

  • SECABS invoice output format

  • Mechanized or Paper Invoice Format: Electronically (FTP or Email) or Mail (CD Rom or PDF)

  • Automated or manual Batch processing

  • User defined Billing Cycles

  • Daily usage processing and Monthly invoice processing

  • Dispute Resolution and Experienced support

  • Apply Adjustments, Payments, Late Fees, and Other Charges and Credits

  • Out–Toll Data File accommodates companies without Meet Point Billing Agreements

  • Calculates and applies taxes via EZtax software

  • Calculates invoices per carrier, per tariff

  • Set up rate structures: billing percents (PIU, IPIL, PIL, PLU), routes, and NPANXX/CLLI codes

  • Set up user-defined rate element names

  • Export extracted data in Excel or .CSV format for analysis

  • Bi-annual software releases

  • On-line Help documentation

  • Implementation available between 60 – 90 days

  • Security roles based on your business rules control access to software functions