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Mankato, MN

CABS Architecture

n-tier Client/Server
Oracle12c Database 


Operating System

Windows 2008 R2

Work Station Requirements

Microsoft Windows
2 GB of RAM minimum
120 GB Hard Drive 


  • SECABS compliant

  • In-House or Hosted Deployment 

  • Windows-based Maintenance GUI

  • Integrated with the Billing System for Mediation and Tariff Management

  • Richly designed using Microsoft Visual Studio and Oracle PL/SQL

Relational Database

Your call-detail data is stored in a relational database specific to your billing needs. The relational database allows you to access the same data for multiple purposes creating the information and history you need to be profitable. Call-detail records are rated as soon as they are received, allowing access to daily reports of both messages and minutes – putting trending information at your fingertips and a pulse on revenue impact each month.