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Mankato, MN

Did you know that by saving 15 minutes per day, every year you can save about 91 hours, or 3 days, or 11 eight-hour working days.

Employment sites suggest that the average Telecommunications Customer Service Representative averages about $35,000+. Including benefits, taxes, and other employment overhead that figure is closer to $50,000 in cost to the business.

When you break down that figure it comes out to $24/hr. So, by stream lining your work flow efforts on the front end of your BSS/OSS that is $2,112 a year in savings. Now take that number and calculate how many CSR’s you have to see your real savings.

Those 15 minutes aren't looking so trivial anymore are they.

Customers are focused on r...

Customers these days are focused on results, so to compete you need to be extremely adaptable, smart, and able to make do with less.

The key challenge in serving any commercial account is that each customer expects to get a customized offering. Northflow’s system can manage all the product components of an order by utilizing a centralized workflow engine to help telecom companies grow their revenues and improve the sales-to-cash process.

Workflow is also key to create guided selling for each service, thereby ensuring the accuracy of orders and dramatically shortening sales-to-bill cycles.  Good sales people constantly push the limits of what can be delivered to customers, and in that way, they...

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